Credit Card Processing

To provide your customers with multiple payment processing options is critical for your organization to do well!  A lesser number of individuals carry money in cash these days, counting rather on spending with their credit or debit cards.

We make it easy for a wide range of small and medium-sized merchants to take payments cost-effectively.

  • Point of Sale Payments 

    We enable credit card and debit card payments at the point of sale or over the phone.  In addition, we provide e-commerce, mobile, and international payment processing.

  • e-Commerce

    Option to process e-commerce payments on your website.

  •  Mobile Payments

Shoppers are moving to mobile commerce and our system automatically optimizes for any device.

  • Phone Orders

Mail and phone payments are a way of life for many businesses such as florists and catalogs. 360 Digital POS provides a virtual terminal to ensure quick entry of orders and simple card acceptance.

We simplify the payments process and give you tools to help your business grow.
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