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There are more than 1.5 billion credit cards in circulation in the United States alone and over 50 billion transactions processed annually. With so many clients asking to pay by credit or debit card, it can be hard to ignore the importance of accepting credit card payments. However, it’s imperative for merchants to understand how credit card processing works in order to make informed decisions.

 Stop Accepting Checks

Nearly all customers may settle up quickly if they use a credit card, assisting you to increase your own cash-flow simply by receiving the money fast.

 Speed Up Your Transactions

Authorizing a charge on a credit card takes just a few moments, giving you more opportunity to deal with your business. Our innovative components let you flawlessly handle extra payments.

 Larger Tickets

Clients are more pleased making larger purchases using their credit card, realizing that they are secured by their bank’s cardholder policies.

 Grow Your Market

Visa and MasterCard are global brands. By accepting these, you increase the number of potential clients in more than 170 nations, ready to pay with only a couple clicks.

Our Processing System Solution

Merchant Account Included

All of our processing solutions include a built-in merchant account for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. By offering an all-included processing solution, we make it simple and reasonable to accept credit card payments.

 Technical Support

Whether it’s an inquiry regarding our services or, to fill out an application, we are happy to assist you!
Our processing system solution comes with 24/7 technical phone support, so you can simply get the help you require regardless of where you are.

Toll-Free Number:
(855) 528-9360

 Bank Deposits

We help you build your business’ cash-flow by giving 2-business day bank deposits. Funds processed are deposited to your preferred bank account. There is no compelling reason to switch banks or open another account.

360 Digital POS makes it easy for you to get up and running — and stay that way.

Most merchants are ready to begin accepting payments within days.  Our purpose is to provide businesses with the opportunity to accept credit and debit card payments with cost-effective charges.

Servicing our customers is always a top priority. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about our services.

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