Restaurant Management

An Integrated Restaurant Management System

We provide a complete suite of Restaurant Management Software solutions for restaurant owners and managers who don’t want to spend their day digging through spreadsheets. We analyze your restaurant’s data so that you can focus on what you do best—delivering exceptional hospitality.

Our POS management platform connects the dots between your restaurant’s systems – point of sale, payments and more – into easily readable insights. Use restaurant analytics to quickly spot new opportunities to improve staff performance, predict which dish is going to be hot, find your VIPs, and more.  

Our POS management system is made up of many different, interconnected features that include:

Guest Book

ollects useful data on each guest so that you can build deeper relationships every time they come into your restaurant. Servers can add notes and management can tag and segment guests into customized lists for targeted marketing campaign.

Daily Digest

Looking at raw spreadsheets in your POS is enough to put even the most mathematically-minded person to sleep. Luckily, when you work with our Restaurant POS, your days of trying to run through the numbers on your own are over. Daily Digest shows you what happened in your restaurant during the previous day, first thing in the morning, via email. Raw data is translated into understandable insights—alongside qualitative feedback from servers.


What happened last night? The quantitative data doesn’t mean as much without your floor staff’s qualitative insights.

The Logbook feature makes it easy and fun for staff to add their own two-cents from the day’s shift. You customize the questions and checklists to suit your restaurant’s unique operations.

Menu Management

Break down specific menu items at-a-glance in terms of “Best Sellers”, “Greatest Hits”, “Underperformers”, and “Hidden Gems”.  With this data available, you can adjust your menu to feature your best dishes—and train servers to upsell other big contributors to your restaurant’s profit margin.

Reputation Management

Online reviews can make or break a restaurant, coffee shop, pizza shop, bakery or bar. To save you the grunt work of manually checking each review site each day, we gather all of your online reviews in one place with our Reputation feature.

Within your dashboard, you can click through to respond if necessary—and even track local competitors to find possible opportunities to surprise and delight guests.

Server Performance & Evaluation

To diagnose a restaurant’s problem is often a matter of digging into the data. By using a POS system with interconnected reporting features, you’ll spend minutes—not hours—getting to the bottom of things. Use our Server Performance reports to uncover situations where further staff training might be necessary—or to reward top performers.

Sales Analytics

How can you get better if you don’t know what’s working—or not? Our Sales Analytics feature makes it easy to understand restaurant sales trends over days, weeks, or even years. Empowered with the actual data behind your restaurant operations, you’ll more easily make business decisions regarding staffing, locations management, as well as understand which menu items are bringing people back in for more.

Loyalty Program

Most customer loyalty programs are a hassle to use, so it’s a struggle to keep your guests engaged. Ditch the expensive smartphone apps and punch cards, to make it easy for your guests to sign up and stay engaged.

Our Loyalty feature prompts guests to sign up by linking to their payment credit card. From there, rewards and discounts are applied automatically—there’s nothing else that your staff has to do!

Learn how our Restaurant POS and Management Platform can help you:

  • Boost sales by 30%
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Manage your restaurant from anywhere, 24/7/365

Contact us for a FREE demo and see for yourself!

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